The new face of gambling?


O2 has announced plans to team up with
online gambling site Betfair to offer a unique service to Xda owners. Betfair is a more diverse method of betting
than traditional bookies; instead of a third party calculating the odds, users set
up wagers using a system similar to e-bay’s bidding, so winnings are tied to
supply and demand. This also means that gambling can continue right through the
event, which is impossible in normal gambling practise. Now, if you’re the
lucky owner of an O2 Xda II, live updates of the state of betting can be
streamed to the device via GPRS so that you’re constantly up to speed with the
stakes. Of course, the other side of the coin is that being able to wager large
amounts of money anytime, anywhere could be perceived as a might risky although
this may lead some interesting betting in the final minutes of matches and I
reckon penalty shootouts would be great.

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