Brian Jonestown freebies

MP3 players

Allright so I’ll admit to being a little Johnny (Thunders) come lately on this one, but courtesy of the incredible Spinal Tap for real movie Dig, I am now a fully paid up member of The Brian Jonestown Massacre fan club and can’t spend more than a few minutes without immersing myself in their awesome back catalogue.

And if you want to find out what all the fuss is about and hear retro rock that’s so yesterday it is (ahem) tomorrow then the BJTM have made almost their entire sizeable back catalogue available as a free download here.

The only downside is that’s it is all in Ogg, so unless you are going to indulge in a little format transcoding, you’ll need an Ogg player for your PC and an Ogg friendly jukebox. The last time we looked the Rio models played Ogg files, as do the Samsungs and irivers but also not Apple or Sony (doh).

Btw Take It From the Man is a good a place as any to start, and there’s an ace blog devoted to free downloads here.

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