Qtek S110 hitting UK shelves


I like to think that being a gadget
obsessive in the UK

takes a little more dedication than many other places. Although we get to look
at a menagerie of the neatest pieces of technology ever conceived, we’re
lucky if even a third of them make it to this country for commercial release. Luckily
the Qtek S110
has reached this far, meaning you too can get your hands on one of the
slickest PDA – mobile hybrids. Its office features include Outlook,
Media Player, Messenger and Internet
Explorer, all powered by Windows Pocket PC. It also has a 1.3 megapixel
camera and
decent audio and MPEG4 playback support; to support this, the memory
can be
expanded with the integrated SD/SDIO card support. Connectivity is
handled by Tri-band,
GPRS/GSM and Bluetooth, although the noteable exception is WiFi support
but this seems
about the only omission. The Qtek S110 is available now for £319, along
other Qtek products, from Smart Devices.


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