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If you happen to be blessed with the
ability to not just seek out potentially interesting radio programs but also
remember when they are on then this interesting personal analogue radio
recorder might be of interest. Even with the heavy focus on DAB and streamed
internet radio there is still a decent selection of FM/AM radio stations on air and
its worth taking advantage whilst they’re still there. The Pogo! YourWay LX can
record radio programs to MP3 format to either 128MB internal memory
and if that is a little limited it handily has an SD/MMC card expansion slot. It
can record from any outside source or the internal mic directly to MP3 format without
needing to process through a computer. You can also set up a timer to record a
show at a particular time and playback comes through either the included
headphones or the built-in speaker.

The internal memory can also be used to
play MP3, RVF or WMA format files and is connected to a computer via USB. Its
dimensions are a little smaller than an iPod and its looks don’t really compare.
The YourWay LX will set you back £110 for the 128MB model or £140 for the 256MB
which is reasonable but you should also consider that not a huge leap in price
takes you into the realm of some pretty smart MP3 players, many of which come
with FM receivers anyway.


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