BT prophesises the future


I wasn’t quite sure how to react on reading
this strange piece; it transpires that BT has a team of futurologists in its
employ whose job is to provide predictions of the future. After my immediate
scepticism had cooled off I had a look through the wide range of predicted
technological events which happily include the invention of smell-o-vision,
faster than light travel, video tattoos and, of course, the enslavement of the
human race to a robotic dictator… Uhuh. Apparently BT makes a habit of
producing these predictive calendars and the first one it created back in the
early 90’s sports an 80-90% accuracy rate; I’ll wager “Creation of Star Trek’s
Borg” was in that small percentage outside the margin then. Little mention is
made of how these wondrous prophesies are made but I hope it involves casting
bones and sheep intestines. You can check out the Technology timeline on the BT
website and start planning your future purchases or preparing for the
approaching battle against a physically and intelligently superior android race. Fortunately some of the slightly shorter term predictions have more realistic possibilites and ones that might make sense to think seriously about.


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