Is the end nigh for DAB?


So Wi-Fi internet radio ain’t the newest
kid on the block, but Acoustic Energy reckons that it may have got the edge
over DAB with this device. Compatible with Real, MP3 and WMA format audio, this
wireless internet radio boasts an ability to access over 99% of all internet
radio stations thanks to AE’s partnership with Reciva. It comes preset with
over 2,500 stations to choose from, but will receive around 10,000 if you have
a lot of patience.

Obviously you’ll need broadband and a wireless hub/router to
get it running and AE even boasts that some of the high bit-rate stations put
DAB clarity to shame. The best feature is that the radio is also a media adapter
allowing you to play you digital music from you PC library through it over the
wireless network. There’s not much mention of the sound quality that the unit
will produce itself but it is possible to rig it up to an existing Hi-Fi. The AE
Wi-Fi radio will be available from November for around £199.


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