DAB getting cheaper


Last week we brought news of the Bush PSDAB2004 personal
DAB costing less than £60 and now it looks as though the budget digital radio
price race might be on. Now we have the Perstel Bluenote, also retailing at
£59.99 which makes for a good contest of features and functionality. The
Bluenote’s biggest advantage over the Bush model is that it has a separate,
telescopic aerial which means that you aren’t lumbered with it integrated to a
substandard pair of earphones. The Bluenote has dimensions of 60 x 84 x 24 mm and it will provide about 6 hours battery
life from 2xAA batteries, information is displayed on a backlit LCD display.
The Bluenote’s blue finish and unexciting design won’t make it a winner over
the PSDAB2004’s slick looks, but I have a feeling the less stylish option might
prove a little more versatile and reliable in areas of patchy reception. The
Perstel Bluenote is available now from Nevada.

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