Bush offers a more affordable pocket DAB


There are many varying opinions on the
merits of DAB (especially around the Tech Digest office) but it gets difficult
to justify the extreme cost of buying digital radio systems especially when many
of the very same channels can be accessed completely free either through FM
radios, digital TV receivers or internet streams. A few portable DAB products
are available now and this seems like a sensible idea as when you are on the move
is about the only time you may not be able to access the stations through other
options. The Bush PSDAB2004 is a compact DAB receiver with a white rubberised
protective shell, it has a simple LCD dot matrix display and is powered by 2xAA
batteries. You can set up to 10 of your own station presets and it comes with
matching inner-ear headphones in which the aerial is cleverly concealed but
presumably that means you won’t be able to swap them for some better quality

We’ve already seen a few decent portable
DABs, including the Pure Pocket DAB 2000 a few months back and it is hard to defend
the huge £189 price tag no matter how good it looks. Fortunately Bush has also
realised this and given the PSDAB2004 a much more sensible price of £59.99. Ok,
so there’s still good cause to be horrified at the cost of listening to DAB
given the other options but this at least is a step in right direction.


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