Pure Portable Pleasure


Pure has unveiled details of its new portable digital radio receiver, the PocketDAB 2000. The pic suggests a more iPodesque style instead of the smart aluminium design of the 1000 which is a shame. Pure has also released some specifications to muse over; the 2000 model will boast several upgrades over its predecessor; a 64MB SD memory card that enables MP3 audio file playback and the ReVu system means you can pause and rewind live radio in case you missed something (probably very handy for ‘mystery voice’ compos).

There is also a built in FM radio receiver, presumably just there because these days anything electrical, short of cattle-prods, now come with an FM tuner. More interesting is the TxtStor feature capable of saving the scrolling messages transmitted by the station so you’ll not miss out on a particular track name or phone number if you don’t want to strain your eyes scrutinising the slow moving text.

MP3 support is definitely a bonus, although it still seems to be a little short on memory. It was Pure (or VideoLogic as it was known then) that brought us affordable DAB first way back in November 2000 and kick started it as an alternative to FM so I’m pretty excited about this new gadget. Sadly there is no indication yet of when the PocketDAB 2000 will become available nor how much it will cost, but hopefully more details will follow soon.

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