The X-UFO has landed


Helicopters, hah! With their pathetic two sets of blades. What you need is hulking four-bladed behemoth that can lurk in air like some kind of giant mechanical wasp and the remote controlled X-UFO from Firebox seems to meet those requirements. It can be operated from up to one hundred meters away via the rechargeable remote and it sports powerful coloured LEDs that makes it look even more extraterrestrial when flying at night (which surely can’t be safe). Why not try taking one along to a festival and pursuing mushroom crazed hippies with your spinning, flashing alien monstrosity. The X-UFO costs £199.95 and is available now from here.

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One thought on “The X-UFO has landed

  • Think that’s good, take a looka at the modded version, search youtube for 3d x-ufo, these things have potential…!

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