Amp'd release details of first youth orientated mobile

Mobile phones

It had to be aimed at youths with a name
like Amp’d, who apparently shun the unnecessary use of vowels, choosing instead
to indulge in the much more extr’m’ inverted comma.  Amp’d Mobile

has now revealed its first phone, called the Jet (not the J’t then?) from Kyocera.
It turns out to be a decent looking slider-phone, which, in my opinion have been
underrated in the past, that features MP3 and Video playback from TransFlash
memory. It is nice to see some new thinking in the mobile market but I think it
will be a long time before these reach this side of the pond. There’s no
details on prices or launch dates yet, but check the Amp’d website if you want
to experience one of the most demanding Flash animations ever implemented for
commercial use.

 Amp’d via Wireless Watch Japan

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