Sony beats down grey imports


As we reported several weeks ago, Sony was
none too pleased to find that some UK retailers
were importing the
highly desirable PSP and selling it to us before Sony had decided we were ready
for it. It’s hard to see how this can be perceived as illegal, as the units
entered the country perfectly legally but Sony had some Cease and Desist orders
handed out and many companies backed down. Needless to say there were some
cheekier retailers who didn’t want to go down with out at least a quick brawl
and Sony was happy to oblige. Well the results are in and it appears to be Sony
– 1, Online retailer Nuplayer Ltd – 0 with the underdog walking away with a
bloody nose full of legal fees. Ouch. Well, I hope they feel a little bit
better in the knowledge we were all routing for them.

via Gamespot

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