Smallest MP3 player lands in UK

MP3 players

If you thought that the iPod shuffle was small wait until you see the MobiBlu DAH-1500. The digital music player, which has just debuted in the UK courtesy of Advanced MP3 Players ,is about a third of the size of its Apple rival and is quite possibly the diddiest music player ever. The cube shaped model is actually one inch in height and length and weighs a feather-light 18g, nevertheless the maker has still managed to find room for a cracking OLED screen – are you watching Steve Jobs – which gives the time as well as the usual track and artist info. It will playback MP3 and WMA files, features an FM radio, has a battery life of fifteen hours and is available in six different colours. Prices are 256MB (£79.99) 512MB (£99.99) and one Gigabyte (£129.99).

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