microsoft promises X05


Since 2001, microsoft has shown that it
knows how to throw a decent party; X01 revealed details of the imminent European
launch of the Xbox and subsequent events were also focussed on important Xbox news
and increasingly star-studded affairs. The absence of an X04 led some people to
think that the shows were being wound down in accordance with the console’s own
lifetime. It’s great news then that microsoft has announced X05 for the 4th
and 5th October. Though the location hasn’t been revealed yet, it is
pretty much guaranteed that this will be another high-profile, decadent event
with numerous stars and will probably feature the unveiling of yet more details
of the forthcoming Xbox 360. Hopefully we’ll get some confirmation of prices
and the launch date and at the very least some decent eye-candy from those
beautiful high-definition games.

via Gamasutra

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