Dock your iPod in a pink muff

MP3 players

I must confess that this iPod accessory has
no greater merit than any of the hundreds of others released each week, save that its
name reduces me to paroxysms of childish glee. Apparently there’s a different
definition of the word ‘muff’ over in the states, or maybe the company is just
very good at appealing to the puerility of the human psyche. Regardless, now
you too can put your iPod to charge in a variety of colourful muffs although
what you’re actually buying is a miniature beanbag with an amusing name and $20
price tag. In fact the name Muff Dock is a tad misleading as there really is
nothing about it which achieves anything that plugging the iPod in doesn’t; it’s
just a resting point. But what the hell, it’s pretty amusing and might sell
even better around Xmas time.

Muff via iLounge

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