8 Gig USB sticks due in the autumn


It doesn’t seem that long ago that USB memory keys (or is it sticks) that had 64MB of storage seemed like a genius piece of technology. Now apparently keys with capacities of 8 Gigabytes are on the cards. Buffalo Technology, which has just launched a set of new keys under its FireStix banner, is promising the monster storage keys at some point in the autumn. There’s no word on price but can’t see buyers getting much change out of £500 which makes it a very pricey for something so small. Until then it has FireStix USB drives, which are available in £399.99
four, £199.99 two and £122.99 one Gigabytes and £74.99 512MB versions.
Their other great innovation is read and write speeds of 32MB/s and
27MB/s which are apparently quicker than any rivals. They are available

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