You are being watched


The past week has seen a lot of talk about possible radical new measures to reduce congestion on Britain’s roads. Now word has emerged of a pilot scheme being run state-side beginning in Oregon later in the year that will test the viability of using GPS tracking to keep tabs on your mileage, which effectively means that the government will be able to observe and record every motorist’s movements whenever they use their car. Perhaps this alone provides the best incentive to get your car off the road. Fuel and related motoring taxes alone currently account for 11% of the government’s tax revenue but of course this scheme is simply being proposed to prevent the country’s roads reaching gridlock in 20 years time and heck, if it relocates a few million extra quid into the government’s pockets what’s the harm? Providing other viable alternatives to owning a car doesn’t seem to have emerged as an option yet for some reason…

via Engadget

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