H&B's 20 Gig touch screen jukebox

MP3 players

Ok, so we’ll come clean, we know naff all about Maclane Enterprises and its H&B brand. But we do know a strong product line up when we see one.

Trawling through its just issued press release we found a 40inch high def ready LCD TV, a DVD+R/RW recorder with a 120 Gigabyte hard drive and an MP3/FM car audio with as USB interface. Here however is the first of two highlights.

The JK-20GB is your average 20 Gigabyte 1.5 inch hard disk based player compatible with MP3 and WMAs and featuring an on board mîcrophone so it can moonlight as a voice recorder. What’s cool though is that it has a touch screen LCD display – pretty rare on 20 gig jukeboxes. Also it has battery life of around 17 hours which is also pretty decent. No news on price or availability yet.

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