Xbox 360 aiming for 10m sales


The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) summit is currently underway in London. More cynical readers can think of this as a the event where the biggest publishers stand around patting each other on the back for the great work they’ve been doing and trying to convince themselves that they are working to reduce the amount of movie licensed rubbish and unoriginal sequels currently being pumping out. Harsh, I know, and in fairness it’s us buying the stuff so we are in part to blame. ELSPA is where the big money talk happens and microsoft really has been talking big – to the order of 10 million Xbox 360s, in 12-16 months! Yikes. Xbox marketing boss, Peter Moore emphasised his desire to knock PlayStation down a peg or two using a combination of these huge sales and “first move advantage”. With two rival products, Sony PS3 and Nintendo Revolution, hot on its heels, microsoft will have to pull out all the stops to see the Xbox 360 as the next-gen leader and if industry analyst’s suggestions are correct then it will also have to put in a huge investment in the hardware alone before you even start counting the marketing costs. I sincerely doubt this huge emphasis on just the hardware will do anything to stop play-it-safe publishing tactics so let’s all look forward to Halo 5 and War of the Worlds III: the videogame.

via BBC News

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