Vaja leather case for the PSP


I know there’s still over two months to go until we’ll see the coveted PSP hit UK shelves, but when it does you are going to want to be absolutely certain that yours is the best looking one around. Possibly the only real benefit to being kept so far behind the rest of the planet in the PSP distribution campaign is that it has given companies plenty of time to mull over the design and come up with some really swish accessories. Here’s particularly nice, if pricey, offering from Vaja leather products which encases the handheld like a glove but still allows easy access to all the buttons. Plus it’s solid enough to protect the device from the elements and rough treatment as it rattles about in your bag. Sure, a herd of innocent cattle died to make it, but if that’s not too much of a load on your conscience, and you’ve got $180 to spend then the i-volution leather PSP suit might be for you.

Vaja via Gizmodo

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