World's biggest LCD TV from Sharp goes on sale


Last year at the CEATEC show in Chiba, which is Japan’s equivalent of Croydon, Sharp took the wraps off a 65inch LCD set which it boasted was the biggest set developed so far.
Now it has made good on its promise to launch that set and has announced that the TV, now christened the LC-65GE1 AQUOS will debut in August.

The LC-65GE1 features a full-spec high-definition LCD panel and has a resolution of 1,920 H x 1,080 V pixels that displays digital content in Hi-Vision, the Japanese 1080i HDTV format.
The company also claims that the set reproduces high-speed full-motion video such as sports with bright, clear, easy-to-view images courtesy of its Sharp’s QS (Quick Shoot) Technology that improves moving video responsiveness.

In keeping with the company’s green agenda the LC-65GE1 has a power consumption is only 619 W, which is less than PDP televisions of the same 65V-inch class, and it uses materials which can apparently be recycled.
If you want one you’ll have to a, live in Japan and b, move quickly as the company is only manufacturing 300 units a month. The price is a paltry 1,680,000 yen.

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