Aopen's Healing Mouse


Remember that bizarre Samsung mobile phone that released alpha waves to improve your mental well being? Well here’s a mouse that seems to have taken a leaf out of the SCH-S350’s book – Aopen has revealed the Mini Negative Ion mouse now being shown off at Computex. The catchy name reveals that it uses an inbuilt negative ion generating module to spill millions of negative ions into the atmosphere around the device. “Why?” I hear you ask, well because these friendly little chaps “repress the growth of germs, viruses; clean up the blood of human beings; revitalize the mouse user’s body cells; strengthen human body’s immune system; reduce disorders of human body’s respiratory system; ease anxiety and stress; and improve productivity” of course. However for the best results we recommend the application of leeches to the exposed area just to be sure.

Aopen via The Inquirer

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