Wolf Claw Gaming Keyboard


Dedicated gaming keyboards are becoming more common as gamers have met them with a good reception. Their only real downside being that they tend to be best for gaming and can make those times when you are simply typing much more arduous. This new offering, the Wolf Claw Type II, looks to have attempted the best of both worlds. Instead of mutating the shape of the keys for better FPS control, the manufacturer has instead opted to stick an extra set of the most essential functions on the end that are specifically tailored for online gaming purposes. The rest of the keyboard appears to function like any normal internet keyboard with a selection of shortcut buttons that are always handy, plus there’s a couple of extra USB ports as a further bonus.

However, to include the extra claw section, the numerical keypad has been sacrificed and the backspace, delete and scrolling keys have been squeezed together at the right-hand side which might make for some typing difficulties. Another important point is that the Wolf Claw is caters solely for right-handed players, which is something that other similar products have not resorted to.

The Wolf Claw Type II is currently available in Singapore for $79 but will hopefully become available to the rest of us at some point soon.

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Wolf Claw via Gizmodo

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