Kenwood's iPod wannabe

MP3 players

Yup, another manufacturer jumps on the bandwagon launching a device that is effectively another iPod and as long as it ends up either costing less or sounding better (preferably both) than Apple’s flagship device, how can we complain? This week its Kenwood‘s turn as it reveals this tasty little number, the HD20GA7, launching soon in Japan. It’s available in black or white and has an internal 20GB HDD which uses USB 2.0 connectivity. Compatible with MP3 and WMA, it is still unclear as to whether you’ll need yet more software to synchronise it with your music collection as in Sony’s SonicStage or whether it will have a more sensible drag-and-drop system like a flash device. Also unknown are details of its price, battery-life and why it has 2.2-inch, 320 x 240 pixel LCD screen (an improvement over even the iPod Photo) which is incapable of playing MPEG4s or digital photos or anything other than give it the prettiest track listing known to man. Strange. Hopefully more details will emerge soon and though not announced yet, a UK version is anticipated at some stage.

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