Waterproof housing for mobiles

Mobile phones

When we heard about a waterproof casing for a mobiles we got all excited and imagined making voice calls while poring over sunken wrecks or checking (or maybe that should be surfing) the web while taking a break from lengths at the local pool. Alas the WaveCase water proof casing or mobiles doesn’t let you do either of those things, instead it is designed to house camera phones – it can accommodate about 95% of them – enabling their owners to snap away at creatures under the sea. The casing, which is impervious to a depth of around 20 metres, also comes with a strap that hangs around your neck. The case works with any phone that is no larger than 110 mm long, 55 mm long and 22mm wide. It is available now for 49.90 Euros from here.

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