LG's rival to Voda's Simply phone

Mobile phones

We had an inkling this might happen. Following on from Vodafone’s unveiling of its Sagem-made Simply fuss-free mobile last week it appears that almost every handset maker/network is going to hop on the easy phone bandwagon and try to pass off basic handsets as Simply phone rivals. LG has a slightly better claim than most with its B2050 which goes on sale shortly via T-Mobile.

Billed as a text and talk phone only the chocolate bar style B2050 does however feature Wap facilities, games and an alarm. But there’s no camera, Bluetooth or music player. Everything is controlled by a four way rocker switch and large-ish buttons. Perhaps the coolest thing about the £39.99 handset is just how small and light it is – you almost don’t notice it in your pocket.

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