Today's top tech stories from the US


Here’s the latest in the world of tech from our American friends:

Inflatable Speakers (i4u): Okay, so the sound quality might be debatable, but that’s a small price to pay for this new slice of retro.

FlashPoint Sharedrive (i4u): Sure it’s another flash drive, but this one let’s you transfer directly from one flash drive to another.

The M-Cody M-X100 (dapreview): A review of a feature packed little flash player that comes with over thirty hours of battery life.

palmOne’s Digital Camera Adaptor (Engadget): Small but handy USB bridge for copying all your photos from camera to palm.

Tag Heuer Diamond Fiction Watch (Gizmodo): They don’t come any tackier than this, but there is something worryingly appealing about it.

The StyleFi Music Sphere (Gizmodo): Cheap, but pretty looking solution to your music streaming woes.

Chris Cornwell
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