Mobile MP3 players take a bite out of Apple.


Could it be that the iPod craze is coming to an end? That’s what analysts are suggesting if Apple stock prices are anything to go by: Apple’s share price took a fall of 1.75% last night because of fears that Mobile Phones with MP3 players could reduce demand for the iPod. A report from Informa Telecoms and Media recently predicted that by 2010, mobile music would be worth a whopping $11.3bn with $6.8bn of realtones (ie not polyphonic or midi) sold by the end of the decade. Many believe that this could lead to a drop in demand for the iPod, and of course other MP3 players.

Looks like Apple’s going to have to move on that iTunes phone pretty quickly.

via Macworld

Chris Cornwell
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One thought on “Mobile MP3 players take a bite out of Apple.

  • The powers of analysts eh. 1.5 per cent may be a lot of money but it hardly represents a collapse. My view for what it’s worth is that the iPod brand will be strong enough to ensure its survival for quite in some time – perhaps in a number of guises. After all Motorola is launching an iTunes phone: surely an iPod with a mobile attached as far as most consumers are concerned. Also I’m not sure whether everyone will want to use their mobile phone for music. Are they gonna stick their mobile in one of trhose docking stations/iPod speaker system which are becoming increasingly popular?

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