Today's top tech stories from the US


Here’s a round up of the Tech Stories that are grabbing attention from across the pond.

Pac Man Git-fiddle (Gizmodo): Admit it. You always wanted a guitar in the shape of Pacman, didn’t you?

Some N-gage QG accesories (Gizmodo) For the brave souls out there who own an N-gage.

MPIO One Portable Media PLayer coming to US(i4u): A thumbnail sized video and audio player. Teensy screen, but still kinda cool.

Logitech Wireless headphones get reviewed(Engadget): Finally, wireless headphones for the non-PDA inclined.

Monolith’s 7000 series media players get an upgrade(Dapreview): Nothing exceptional, but these media players have a nice metal finish.

Chris Cornwell
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