Sensible Soccer is back


Unless you are lucky/unlucky enough to be a Liverpool fan you’ll know that there are good six weeks before the footy season kicks off again. To aid you through this wilderness gadget retailer Firebox has revived one of the coolest footy games of the nineties. Yep the latest classic game to get the console treatment is Sensible Soccer 2 which migrates from its Sega MegaDrive home to a new mini £29.95 plug straight into your telly console.

Hailing from the days when Man United Vs Chelsea was just another game and not a mini re-enactment of the Cold War Sensible Soccer was a wonderful footy sim replete with outrageous tackles, wondrous over head kicks, and the type of 3-0 down to winning on penalties type matches that could never happen in the real world.

Ok, so it might be a little primitive compared with more recent footy sims, but stick Oasis on the stereo, Four Weddings on the vid and you can party like it is 1995. The console is also preloaded with two other classic games: Cannon Fodder, a title in which players control a team of commandos and Mega-Lo-Mania where you assume the role of God.


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