Philips Ensation wireless home audio

Wireless home

One of the only drawbacks of having a decent surround sound system is the sheer volume of cable you need. If like me you aren’t content with using thin, subtle wires and relish the sound quality boost gained from high quality but unsightly leads snaking round the furniture then Philips may have come with a solution that will appeal to both the audiophile and the person who has to battle with the cables each time the hoover goes near them. The Ensation will address both the problems of latency and reduced sound quality that existing systems using FM, Bluetooth or Infrared have suffered. The technology is still in its very early stages at the moment but Philips are tailoring chipsets that will eventually allow for systems that provide CD quality wireless audio supporting as many receivers as you need with a latency of less than 20 milliseconds, the Dolby standard. The first of these wireless home solutions is anticipated in late 2005 from several manufactures including Philips Consumer Electronics.

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