Firebox withdraws PSP – at Sony's 'request'


Gadget website Firebox has pulled the Sony PSP from its online store. Only last week we ran a story that Firebox was selling an imported version of the PlayStation Portable ahead of its official UK launch in September, albeit for the rather pricey £279.95.

Now the gadget e-tailer has pulled the stock from its virtual shelves – at Sony’s insistence. Apparently people who are contacting Firebox to complain are being given Sony’s press office number. Meanwhile Amazon is taking advanced orders for the PSP on its website for September 1st.

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One thought on “Firebox withdraws PSP – at Sony's 'request'

  • I looked around when the PSP was first released in Japan and there was a huge variance in pricing but bascially any import will end up costing about the same – the variance is only due to import tax and duties that you get stung with. The usual suspects all provide decent service (lik-sang, play-asia, electricbirdland, importmadness etc) but do check if you will be liable for extra fees when the PSP is delivered (I think it’s 17.5% on all orders over £18! and even more if importing from the USA).
    The good news is that all imoprted machines will play any PSP games, irrespective of region – movies are the only things that have region protection on them.
    I paid out £279 (the price firebox were charging) and got a case, 3 games and the psp so do shop around for a good deal

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