NHJ's Bluetooth music players

MP3 players

Japanese company NHJ appears to be pretty busy at the moment, with a shed load of new music players, cameras and personal video players on the cards. Its latest products are a pair of flash memory based digital music players that feature integrated Bluetooth. Sadly you can’t listen to music from the £64.99 128MB VP712B and £74.99 256MB VP725B wirelessly on a Bluetooth headset. However they can wirelessly transfer tracks to and from other Bluetooth NHJ players and users can also switch to their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to pick up calls on the players without removing the headset.

The other interesting feature is that they boast a small (1.1inch) colour screen enabling owners to view any JPEG images (which I am sure won’t be too many given the storage) they have saved on the player. The devices are compatible with MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis music files and feature voice recording facilities via an integrated mîcrophone and an FM radio.

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