Innovative personal video player from H&B

Personal video players

Here’s some more stuff from our new favourite British consumer electronics company H&B. It has unveiled a personal media player that has a very neat facility in that it can also be factored into a network. The £279 AV-612LCD comes with an Ethernet cradle that can connects the player to a network enabling users to stream video and audio to the device. It’ll also works wirelessly if users add an Ethernet bridge.

The player has a pretty decent spec with a 3.5inch LCD screen and support for MP3, WMA and Ogg audio, MPEG4 video and JPEG image files. It will playback movie files for around five hours before its battery requires recharging. It also comes with a remote control and a cigarette lighter car power adapter.

Its only slight drawback is that its hard disk is a 20 Gigger rather than the 40 Gigs most personal media players tend to have. It is available from

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