iTunes hard disk phone coming next year

Mobile phones

We don’t know how it got the scoop but huge French newspaper Le Figaro has got some pretty interesting stuff about the upcoming iTunes/Motorola phone. Some of the stuff we know – that it is likely to be a version of the E398 Motorola handset (in white if the pic is right), that it will have 512MB of flash storage and that it will be compatible with tracks downloaded form the iTunes online music store.

The interesting bits are that one US carrier has signed up for the phone – the implication being that, as we have long suspected, no European networks have rushed forward to take the phone. More importantly that a hard disk version of the phone will be available next year. Given that Hitachi, which may or many not produce the hard disks for the iPod, has a one inch eight Gigabyte hard disk lined up for phones which should be released about that time, it all makes perfect sense. The phone apparently goes on sale on July 4th – that date rings a bell can’t think why.

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