Avanquest seek to kill the Frog

Mobile phones

Anything that can put an end to the tyranny of the Crazy Frog has a place here, be it a useful piece of software, a blunt instrument or a high powered hunting rifle. In this case it’s a piece of software which helps personalise your phone with ringtones, backgrounds and videos so that you can decide exactly what you want your phone to say about you, assuming it’s not “I’m a sucker for childish noises and computer generated advertisement characters”. Until now most of the software that allows you to alter the settings of your mobile phone from a PC has been made by the phone manufacturer and is often difficult to use and pretty half-baked. Avanquest seeks to put an end to that; Ringtone Media Studio, although not having a particularly catchy name, is able to let you modify a variety of media to suit your mobile phone.

The primary feature is the Melody Studio that allows the user to take an MP3, MIDI or Audio CD format track and adapt it with a mixing console to add  effects, voice and so on before converting it the phones format for use as a ringtone. Then if you want to improve your background the Image Studio allows digital images to be cropped to appropriate sizes and manipulated to suit the phone before they are uploaded. Finally there is a Video Studio that lets you combine video and audio media with effects and text to make swish videos to send via MMS. The programme comes with a large library of free media too and you can’t really argue with a £19.99 retail price. Ringtone Media Studio will be available form the July 1st from Avanquest.

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