HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray round err… five-ish


Everyone’s favourite format war, analogous to the VHS vs Betamax struggle of the ’80s, has taken a new twist but we’re still a long way from seeing a clear victor. Rumours of a truce don’t seem have reached the ears of either Toshiba or Hitachi Maxell and Verbatim who have each independently surged forth in development of the HD-DVD format in the past couple of days. Toshiba has unveiled the first look at HD-DVD-R discs as technology has advanced to allow the production of inexpensive 15GB capacity recordable discs. This is coupled with news that Hitachi Maxell and Verbatim have uncovered some genius method of turn normal DVD-Rs into HD-DVD-Rs as if by magic. Blu-Ray’s answer is sure to follow soon and it seems unlikely that either side is going to back down from what promises to be a very messy scrap. The really bad news is that if it all continues in this vein then the ones sat on the sharp end are the customers. Pick your camp wisely.

Via Engadget and Gizmodo

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