Bose prove that FM isn't dead yet

Home audio

What with every piece of electronic hardware short of toothbrushes now coming equipped with FM tuners its hard to imagine that there was once a time before DAB when people would spend a good deal of money ensuring that their FM tuner had decent acoustic performance. Thankfully Bose‘s Wave Radio II reminds us that FM doesn’t have to sound naff simply because it is being overtaken by another system and that powerful, room filling audio can still be garnered from the older technology. The secret behind it is Bose’s waveguide speaker technology which has been improved yet further since the original award-winning Wave Radio. Now Bose assures us that Wave Radio II has greater clarity and definition at all levels, is capable of a whole one-half lower octaves than before and has enhanced the sound of radio presenter’s voices to the extent that some housewives have been seen desperately hunting behind the sofa see if Terry Wogan is hiding in the room somewhere.

Perhaps you are of the camp that believes £299 is a little steep for an FM/AM radio and that is difficult to argue against, but consider that it also has a line in jack so with a little wizardry you could make it into a very nice iPod dock. The device itself is completely free of controls, instead relying entirely on a credit-card sized remote that will probably burrow deep into the sofa cushions immediately upon contact with outside world. If you are already a Bose enthusiast then the Wave Radio is compatible with Bose Lifestyle system letting you hook it up to and play across the rest of the system distributed about the home. The Wave Radio II is on sale now from Bose.

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