Cameraphones get first shoot 'em up game

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Excellent, it looks like the boundaries between reality and gaming are beginning to crumble in a slightly worrying way with the announcement of Camblaster, coming to a camera phone near you soon. The game paints crosshairs on the viewfinder of your phone, encouraging you to go and blast objects projected by your phone over the picture. You have to move the phone around to find new targets, which is neat.

So the next time you see someone creepy pulling out a cameraphone, try not to worry. They’re only imagining themselves in a gun-filled-mayhem fantasy. No word on release date yet.

Via engadget.

Chris Cornwell
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One thought on “Cameraphones get first shoot 'em up game

  • News?? A similar game (Mozzies) has been pre-installed on my Siemens SX1 for almost a year now…

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