3 passes 30 million music downloads/streams

Mobile phones

While we at TD have been predicting for years now that the mobile phone will be the music playing gadget of the future, we must admit we’ve had the odd moment when we wondered if we’d be chomping on our own words. After all at least one member of the TD team was adamant that DVD wouldn’t catch on until it had a record button  – so our track record ain’t that great.

So good news for us and amazing news for mobile phone network 3 which is claiming that so far an astonishing 30 million full versions music clips have been downloaded or streamed over its networks.
Of course that isn’t just the UK, but also Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Sweden and Thailand.
Also rather sneakily the figure includes audio tracks true tones and ringback tones downloads and streams as well as music videos. And two million of those clips alone have been downloaded in Hong Kong.

Still it is very impressive and probably will have Vodafone execs gagging on their bacon butties this morning.

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