Toshiba launches Qosmio G20


Toshiba’s Qosmio series has met a good reception worldwide for the “4-in-1” abilities. This means that it has enhanced features that supports TV, Audio, DVD/HDD Recording and PC functionality. Now Toshiba has announced a new addition to the series in the form of the G20 which boasts a big bright 17″ 500 cd/m2 display with a resolution of 1440×900 and uses the Toshiba TrueBrite feature. The new model now contains Toshiba Software RAID technology for improved data security and enhanced sound quality by adding SRS WOW XT to the TruSurround XT and speakers designed by Harman Kardon. Graphical power has been improved by introducing a Geforce 6 series GPU to the machine.

Specifications-wise, Toshiba’s Qosmio G20 stand ups reasonably well to competitors, the Intel Pentium M processors offer up to 2.13Ghz power and there’s  1GB of RAM thrown in, plus the option of dual 100MB SATA Hard Disk drives.  Wireless connectivity and a Dual Layer DVD rewriter are in there too. However, the Qosmio G20 is really more than the sum of its components; the purpose of the series is to provide a bridge between entertainment media and computing rather than a laptop that happens to be able to do it all. To that end Toshiba’s QosmioPlayer lets the user play music, play DVDs and watch telly on the built in TV-tuner without need to boot the device up. You can also record TV whilst you are watching even if you haven’t booted the machine which is pretty neat.

This is a notebook computer for the unashamed commuter who just wants to chill out and watch telly on the train rather than writing up reports, and it even comes with a remote. The Qosmio G20 is available as of today from £1,699 including VAT. If anyone finds out how to pronounce "Qosmio" let me know and can I use it in scrabble?

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