Nintendo DS rumours are rumbling


Probably the last morsel of information to finally wriggle out of the wasteland of E3-2005-that-was and worm its way over to our sister-blog Games Digest is an interesting rumour that there may soon be ‘rumble pak’ equivalent for the Nintendo DS. This speculation is fuelled by an early preview version of Metroid Prime: Pinball which on startup proclaimed an obscure message about a ‘GBA Option Pak‘.

So admittedly we’re not working with solid facts here, but this is at least a good indication that Nintendo are going to put that gaping void in the base of the DS to use. We’re also still anxiously awaiting other rumoured adpters for the slot including the Game Boy colour expansion.

Nintendo was in fact the first manufacturer to pioneer the rumble feature with a free piece of hardware that came with Starfox for the Nintendo 64 so perhaps this will be a free upgrade available with Metroid Prime: Pinball. I’m not really sure how a rumble pak will add to handheld gaming experience, in fact I’m not even sure what it does for console gaming in general except make the Xbox controller sound a bit like an angry bee. But Nintendo has always focussed its efforts on using technology to make games more fun instead of simply showcasing and hopefully we’ll see something more solid soon.

via Joystiq

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