The first wireless iPod stereo adapter to work legally in the UK

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I doubt I’m the only one who is still a little bitter about FM adapters for the iPod, such as the iTrip or AirPlay, being illegal. Fortunately, in spite of draconian laws which label such harmless devices as contraband in the UK, Belkin have revealed The TuneStage, essentially fulfilling the same objective as an FM transmitter but using Bluetooth instead. Now anything you would normally listen to on your iPod in solitude can be shared with people around you by transmitting the output wirelessly into any Hi-Fi using either analogue RCA or 3.5mm jack.

Admittedly this stylish accessory does carry a hefty price tag but on the other hand it is capable of much better sound quality than its FM counterparts. The TuneStage is also powered off the iPod itself so doesn’t need any batteries or extra cables kicking around and it can transmit up to 33 feet. 

The TuneStage will be available in the US from July for $179.99 and though there is no official UK release date, you can bet that due to legislative restrictions on FM alternatives it will meet a warm reception on these shores.


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