Sony's Dual Layer DVD Hard Disk recorder combo

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The distinguishing feature of Sony’s RDR-HX510 is that it’s the first DVD/HDD combo recorder to be capable of recording to dual layer DVD-R format discs. Similar to other recorders of its breed, the HX510 is compatible with DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW media and CD and CD-R playback. The built in hard disk has a hefty 80GB capacity, allows you to pause live TV, and is written to using high quality 15Mbps recording.

MPEGII compression allows around 6 hours of recording from a DVD-RW disc and there are a variety of quick tools built in to ensure both easy navigation and fast recording. Plus there’s a fast 24x dubbing for transferring data from the HDD to portable media. It has all the usual connectivity (SCART, S-Video and Composite) but with the notable exception of HDMI that is found on more expensive equivalents and is suitable for the forthcoming HDTV era.

The Sony RDR-HX510 HDD DVD recorder is available now and is retailing for around £320.

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