Sony PS3 to deliver HDTV


Sony has announced much of the detail for its next generation
console. The biggest surprise in its unveiling at E3 in Los Angeles
was its launch date, announced as "spring 2006". Whether that means in
Japan only, as would normally be expected, was not detailed.

What was also detailed was 1080 progressive scan resolution support as
standard; output via two HDMI high-definition sockets, allowing for
games on one screen and video conferencing on a second; two teraflops
computing power (double that of the Xbox 360); six USB sockets;
Ethernet and Wi-Fi; BlueTooth supporting up to seven wireless
controllers; Blu-Ray disc format; removable hard drive.

Sony also announced that a new improved version of the EyeToy, dubbed
the "HD IP Camera" would be released for the PS3. This camera would
capture resolutions to match the screen output of the PS3, and would
work off an IP Internet address, allowing users to place the camera
anywhere and link to it via the Internet, letting every owner create
their "own broadcast channel".

In a presentation notably still short on Internet gaming detail, Sony
did also finally announce a peer-to-peer network structure that would
let users swap in-game items.

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