More Nintendo Revolution details emerge


Prior to Nintendo’s press day at E3 today, some of the specs of the new “Revolution” console have been released. After yesterday’s Sony event and the promise of the PS3, Nintendo’s slot should be no less exciting.

The Revolution is set to challenge the PS3 and Xbox360 in terms of its compact design and portability. The new device is set to be just 3 DVD boxes in width and backwards compatible to run GameCube disks. Nintendo also confirmed that the console will be wireless and internet ready from the box.

We’re anticipating a mid 2006 release date, although this and the other details will hopefully be confirmed in Nintendo’s press event later today which is also being covered by our sister-blog Games Digest, check it out for more updates live from E3 2005.

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  • nintendo better blow the roof off with this one or im not getting it and im thinking of ghetting it after i get my ps3

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