Sennheiser's MX500, now in iPod white

MP3 players

If you want to get decent earbud earphones for your iPod or any MP3 player for that matter Sennheiser, which has a heritage in cans to rival Heinz, has been there with the MX 500.

The trouble for those iPod owners is that the MX500s didn’t come in Apple trademark white, so that when other people saw them with the phones plugged in, they might make the awful assumption they were using another music player other than the iPod.

So to spare any embarrassing incidents Sennheiser is now offering the X500s in white for £24.99. They are also available in blue, and for some reason they are £5 cheaper. Maybe the white paint has sonic reflectivity powers built in.

If you fancy ’em features include a Inline Volume Control – a tiny volume control is fitted in the headphone lead so that the sound can be varied ‘on-the-run’, plenty of solid bass and exceptionally efficient 119dB to get loud sound from low powered portable devices.

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