Sanyo's new 3G mobi

Mobile phones

The Sanyo S750 was first unveiled back at the end of 2004, and despite a somewhat cumbersome shape the clamshell handset was pretty well received. Now Sanyo has given the 3G phone a facelift, making it lighter, sleeker and more streamlined and re-badged it as the S750i. It still manages to incorporate that  massive 2.4″ screen, one of largest currently available, capable of over 260K colours. The phone also boasts a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with a flash, and a second camera enables the phone to make video calls.

Unlike its predecessor, the S750i now comes complete with a 32MB SD
card (as opposed to an empty slot) but is capable of handling up 256MB,
which is much more useful if you want to make real use of the phone’s
MP3 compatibility or store long videos. Connectivity consists of
Bluetooth, Infrared and a USB connection to a PC or Direct photo prints
if you are using a Pictbridge printer.

The Sanyo S750i is available now through Orange


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