3's election video nasty

Mobile phones

Politicians get everywhere. When they are not kissing babies in High Streets (note you have to live in a marginal constituency to get this one) they are helicoptering themselves round the country frightening farmers and pestering school children.

Now horrors of horrors, they are going to start popping up on your mobile.

3G network 3 has lined up representatives of the three leading parties who have delivered mini video manifestos you can access via the 3 web portal.

Blair and Howard passed up on the chance and sent in Alan Milburn and Liam Fox respectively. But good to see old Ronnie Redface Charles Kennedy banging on about Student tuition fees, the Iraq war and green issues.

If you can’t face the prospect of the video you can read what they said after the turn.

Liberal Democrats (Leader)
Hi, I’m Charles Kennedy and the reason for backing the Liberal Democrats, particularly if you’re a younger or first time voter in this election, I think is three fold. We opposed that war on Iraq and we’re the only party speaking consistently, still, against it and wanting to bring our troops home, we care about the green agenda more than the other two and we want to get rid of top up fees and student tuition fees.

Labour (former Health Secretary, current election co-ordinator)
Hi I’m Alan Milburn from the Labour Party. We want to keep the country moving forward with a rise in minimum wage, more people in work, investment in our hospitals and schools and more child care facilities. Lets keep Britain moving forward and don’t let it go back to the Tories, when people were out of work, interest rates were out of control and they were kept in public services. That’s the choice on May the 5th, if you value it, vote for it.

Conservative (Dr. Liam Fox – Shadow Cabinet Minister, Co-Chairman of the Conservative party)
Firstly people have a choice. They can vote for five more years of talk from Blair, or they can vote for the Liberal Dems who only have 55 per cent public uplift, or they can Conservative and the issues that can really matter. We want to see cleaner hospitals, more police, lower taxes including scrapping tuition fees. We want controlled immigration, we want more disciplinary articles and the things that matter to hard working people and our country.

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