PalmOne Lifedrive – More details


Since I went to a LifeDrive briefing yesterday and actually troubled to take notes, it’s only right that I provide a full run down of the features the marketing and tech guys talked about.

  • The 4GB hard drive will offer a full sync of your My Documents folder. You can set it to check for updates on the whole folder, or just a few choice files every time you plug in. And you can either just copy stuff over as it is, or you can optimise if for the LifeDrive, with pics resized automatically or file formats changed.
  • RealPlayer’s been given the boot to be replaced by Pocket Tunes.
  • The SD slot is a full card reader, letting you transfer pics and files and delete stuff off your card using a simple little applet.

(more thrills after the turn)

  • Memory’s non-volatile so you won’t lose everthing if the battery dies on you.
  • Speaking of battery, you should be able to watch movies for around 4 hours, which will be the biggest drain on the battery.
  • There’s Wi-Fi (WPA-PSK encryption) and Bluetooth and you can synchronise via both. You can also send SMS and emails, but no MMS for reasons that were unclear even to the tech guys.
  • There’s a host of encryption settings and levels and you can set it up so all the data deletes off the device after a certain number of failed login attempts.
  • It’s got room for 8 email accounts one of which can be a microsoft Exchange set up.
  • There’s a voice recorder and you can get onto shared networks or printers.
  • There’s now an on/off switch that locks – at last.
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  • It’s running on Garnet – Palm OS 5.4.8 and it comes with Versa Mail 3.1 and Docs to Go. So you can use it to sync Outlook and read your files, but they’re playing down the PDA elements. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s got “memo” facility and those sorts of things. I didn’t see it on the menu list during my (brief) play.

  • Looks great but one thing thats not really mentioned in the stuff I have seen. Is this a full blown Palm OS PDA with a hard disk and wifi? Does it have the capabilities of a Tungsten for example.

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